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Enrique Amorós Baez

Advisory Board Member

Certified Quality Auditor

GMP Compliance Specialist
ISO 9000:2015 Auditor Certification

Facility NSF Certification

MS in Biochemistry and Microbiology


Enrique Amorós Báez is graduated from Valencia University, Spain, with a five years Diploma in Biological Sciences, with Master Degrees in Biochemistry and Microbiology. Enrique began working as researcher in the Agro-chemistry and Food Technology Institute of Valencia, Spain, developing a new method for population evaluation and control of strict anaerobic microorganisms in methane production from industrial wastewater treatment facilities.


Enrique has worked extensively with quality systems design and compliance, total quality management, corporative quality audits, international auditors, vendors’ qualifications, validation programs, regulations and regulatory bodies, and international standardization programs, assisting Baxter achieve, for the very first time, the ISO 9002 Certification, for its Dominican Republic facility in the 1991. Enrique has also obtained his HACCP Manager Certification, and ISO 9000:2015 Auditor Certification.


Enrique makes his transition to the food processing industry on 2013 when hired to work as Quality Director of a bottling and beverages manufacturer in Florida and is responsible for the recent facility NSF Certification for the Dietary Supplements 21 CFR Part 111. 


With more than 30 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Quality Control, Enrique has worked with organizations such as Baxter Healthcare Corporation as QC Laboratories Supervisor and International Corporative Quality Auditor; the Dominican Republic Ministry of Trade as National Director of Codex Alimentarius Office; the Environmental Department as Deputy Director and National Representative for the United Nations environmental conventions of Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol, and Biodiversity Convention and Biosafety Protocol; and 23 years as university teacher of chemistry, organic chemistry, biology, cellular biology, molecular biology, microbiology, biochemistry, and environmental sciences.


Enrique began contracting services to NSF International on April 2015.


Enrique is the founder of Quality Systems and Compliance, LLC., a consulting company in quality systems and compliance on April 2012. His company is registered with the Florida Department of State – Division of Corporations, and is fully insured


He is also active in the Worldwide Unity Ministries Association, and the Senior Minister and founder of Unity en Cristo, a Spanish speaking Unity Ministry located in Tampa, Florida. 


Enrique is a world citizen who loves traveling abroad to experience new people and countries, new cultures, new food, and feeling at home everywhere he goes. He is a person who loves to cook in the backyard for his family, dances with his wife and daughters, and grow orchids.