Gary Steele

Advisory Board Member

GMP Training Specialist

BS in Business Management

Two decades of GMP training experience

Certificate, Instructional Design

Certificate, Instructional Materials Dev.

Certificate, Instructional Developer

Certificate, Instructor Training


Gary has been involved with GMP training for over 20 years and generalized training for over 30 years.  His most recent training endeavor was serving as the GMP Training Manager for Standard Homeopathic Company in Los Angeles for five years before his recent semi-retirement.   


Gary has provided training in various pharmaceutical situations including sterile fill, dry powder, tableting, encapsulation, hormonal and Class II and III drug products.  Gary has created GMP training courses such as Onboarding Basic GMP Training, Basic Microbiology, Good Documentation Practices, Technical Writing Course, CAPA Investigations, Proper Gowning Techniques, Good Hygiene Practices, Train-the-Trainer Course, etc. 


Gary has a BS in Business Management and has multiple training related certificates/courses such as Instructional Design, Human Performance, Manufacturing Resource Planning, Front End Analysis, Supervisor Instructor Course and Test Construction Course, etc.