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Joey Levin

Advisory Board Member

Quality Manager for Super Speciosa 

Kratom Vendor

Member American Kratom Association (AKA)


Joey Levin is the Quality Manager for Super Speciosa, one of the fastest growing and most respected Kratom vendors in the industry. As Quality Manager, he’s led the charge in quality assurance & control by building and enhancing systems that make Super Speciosa one of the standard bearers of high-quality production. In addition to being one of the founding members of the Kratom Vendors Association, Joey is also a GMP-certified member of the American Kratom Association

In his time with Super Speciosa, Joey has been involved in all aspects of the kratom business—including the production floor, where he saw firsthand the importance of quality control. His responsibilities quickly expanded to planning, logistics, procurement, brand partnerships, and most importantly, revamping Super Speciosa’s robust quality system. Joey’s experience gives him a unique perspective on the challenges involved with designing a quality system that can be looked at as the standard in the Kratom Industry and used as a model for new entrants to the market.

Before discovering his passion for kratom, Joey worked as an NBA scout and producer for CBS. It’s there where he mastered his attention to detail and his special ability to handle the pressures and demands of a growing business and ever-changing industry. 


Having worked at the highest level at some of the largest corporations in the country, I see the potential that not only Super Speciosa has, but the entire Kratom industry as a whole. The introduction of the Kratom Vendors Association is a major step forward for all of us,” Joey Levin.