Ron Hare_edited.png

Ronald Hare

Advisory Board Member

ASQ Certified Quality Auditor

GMP Compliance Specialist

BS in Biology



Ron started his QA/QC career in 1998 with a vaccine development company in Rockville, MD where he developed an understanding 21 CFR 211 GMPs. He served as the QA Manager performing duties such as creating, reviewing, and maintaining Standard Operating Procedures, Batch Records, production documentation, quality control release records, and material specifications. After years in the pharmaceutical industry, he transitioned to dietary supplements in 2011. 

Working as the QA Manager for a powder, tablet, and capsule dietary supplement manufacturer in Arizona, he gained extensive experience and understanding of 21 CFR 111 requirements. Ron developed MMRs and approved BRs, developed in-process testing, managed deviations and non-conformances, created specifications, investigated complaints, and performed internal audits. In 2014, Ron started his career in auditing and auditing became his full-time role in 2019. 

Currently, Ron works as an Independent Contractor performing audits for different certifying bodies. He has performed over 250 audits and audit scopes include dietary supplements, food, GRMA (as the certifying body), ANSI 455-2, cosmetics, and OTC. Ron also provides consulting services for new companies to get into FDA compliance, or streamlining GMP programs in established companies. 


Ron has a BS in Biology and holds numerous industry certifications, including American Society for Quality Certified Quality Auditor (ASQ CQA) and Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance Preventive Controls for Human Food (FSPCA PCQI).