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Sam Weber & Soren Shade

Advisory Board Members

Co-Founders of Top Tree Herbs 

Kratom Vendors


Sam and Soren are the co-founders of Top Tree Herbs, the first kratom tea bag company in the world. They met while studying pharmacology and drug policy in Dr. Carl Hart’s class at Columbia University and bonded over their shared consumption of kratom as a caffeine replacement.

Sam is a US Air Force veteran and former Director of Marketing at the first cannabis remediation and decontamination company, two roles that gave him first-hand experience developing, training and following strict standard operating procedures designed to improve passenger and consumer safety. After two years in the cannabis industry helping brands implement a kill-step in their production process, Sam saw a similar need in the burgeoning kratom industry. His background in clean cannabis inspired his decision to co-found a kratom tea brand with heightened food-quality standards and zero tolerance for contaminants.

After Columbia, Soren moved to Brooklyn, NY, and produced the third and final season of Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia on VICE - a popular TV show that many kratom consumers and advocates cite as their first introduction to the plant. While putting the finishing touches on the season, Soren received a call from Sam who pitched his kratom tea bag business idea. Their goal for starting a kratom business was to educate consumers on how to responsibly drink kratom tea, while also fighting to normalize the plant and protect it from periodic prohibition attempts. 

Our focus for Top Tree has always been the plant and its consumers. Without strict standards for clean safe products, and testing requirements to ensure production processes are working as intended, bad actors are able to sell contaminated products that jeopardize consumers’ health and our industry’s reputation. We’re proud to join the KVA and be a resource for vendors who are trying to do things the right way.” - Soren Shade. 

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